Hello, my name is Robert Haines and I currently live in Salem, Oregon, USA.

I also own Haines Engineering Consultants, LLC and that link will take you to my main web site.

Although I have many interests, with my wife and kids at the top of that list, I have documented my favorite projects on these pages. I have done so in an effort to help those passionate about the same things and are willing to take on the same challenges.


(2021) Thatcher CX4 Phase 2
(2017) Thatcher CX4 Engine
(2014) Legal Eagle Ultralight
(2013) Facetmobile Tube Cutting
(2012) Thatcher CX4 Phase 1
(2007) Zenith Zodiac 650XL
(2000) Kolb Slingshot
(1996) Pober Super Ace
Haines Aircraft Designs

(2014) Arduino EFI ECU - Corvair
(2010) Haines EFI ECU - Corvair
(2008) MegaSquirt EFI ECU - Corvair
(2004) Corvair Conversion

(2012) 4'x16' Plywood Gantry CNC
(2004) 4'x8' Steel Gantry CNC
(2012) CNC Router Information
(2012) CNC Router Plans

(2013) Free DXF to GCode Software

(2011) CNC Basics
(2011) CNC Construction
(2011) Speed, Resolution, Accuracy
(2011) CAM Software Suggestions

(2013) Growler Cases
(2011) Pooduck Skiff
(2007) Shop and Tool Suggestions
(2002) Illinois House Remodel
(2001) 1930 Ford Model A
(2000) Sitka Spruce Alternatives


(2009) Angle-Iron Metal Brake
(2001) Sandblasting Cabinet
(2001) Shelves for my Mom

Yes, the numbers in the brackets indicate the year when each project was started. As time passes, this will help determine what is current information and what is just history.

Questions or Comments?
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